Образовательный Туризм

We have created this section for representatives of universities abroad who come to Uzbekistan for business purposes.

As we know standard business travel is a travel undertaken for work or business purposes, such as building new partnerships, scientific and educational internships, improving the effectiveness of education in higher education institutions, participation in seminars, conferences, congresses and other forms of sharing experience and obtaining new professionally relevant information.

But nowadays, people are more and more interested in combining business trip with rest and leisure.

It is a new popular trend in the global tourism industry. We may name it as an educational tourism with elements of leisure.

Standard business trip often deprives employees of full sleep, the usual routine, and even a few hours for relaxation, while bleisure trips( the term bleisure comes from English words-“business” and “leisure”) would help to fill these needs without harming the work.

Uzbekistan, located in the heart of Central Asia, has huge tourism potential. In addition to historical architectural monuments, the Uzbek people are famous for their interesting culture and cuisine. People want to know this culture and see it with their own eyes.

Study Portal team can help you to spend your free time productively while you are on a business trip in our country. We can organize unforgettable tours for you in legendary cities of Uzbekistan, such as Samarkand,Bukhara,Khiva and of course trip to the Aral Sea, which is located in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.